"Dataperformers' multidisciplinary (AI, Computer Science, Physics, Mechanical Engineering) and culturally diverse team (Canada, Tunisia, China, India, Sudan, Egypt...) is driven by a common passion for science and knowledge "

- Mehdi Merai, CEO

Meet our Executives

Mehdi Merai

CEO & Co-Founder

Mehdi Merai is the co-founder and CEO of Dataperformers. He has a background in Computer Science, Systems Management and Cognitive Computing. Designated as the AI Leader of 2017-2018 by Digital Finance Canada, Mehdi is deeply invested in the democratization of artificial intelligence. He has co-founded several non-profit initiatives such as Deep Learning Montreal and ThinkAI. He has also taken part of many local and international panels like SXSW 2017 in Austin, Montreal Annual Fintech Forum, Economic Forum of Quebec, and many more.

COO & Co-Founder

Amine Ben Ayed M.Sc is the co-founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Dataperformers. His background in computing and international management helped push him to develop an expertise in international development with local IT companies and also join the boards of several non-profit organizations such as MTL NewTech.

Amine Ben Ayed

Gabriel De Lisi


Gabriel is the Chief Technology Officer of Dataperformers. His background relates to actuarial sciences and finance. Gabriel's love for problem solving as well as his knowledge of math and computer science led him into the tech world, first working in digital marketing and then shifting to business intelligence. His primary interests include algorithms and big data. His work is based around creating products, selecting technologies used in the problem solving process, as well as managing the development of solutions. 


Ali is the Chief Product Officer at Dataperformers. He has a tremendous interest in applied science and engineering as well as space technology and exploration, receiving his bachelor degree in Mechancial Engineering. His work is centered around linking fundamental research to practical applications of artificial intelligence technologies.

Ali Elawad

Aires works as Project Manager at Dataperformers. She obtained her master’s degree from Concordia University, majoring in Geographic Information System (GIS). Aires’ role at the company includes identifying and supporting potential project opportunities while participating in the hands-on structuring and development of new data analysis tools.

Project Manager

Wang (Aires) Mo

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