Get a holistic view of any company's activity with Dataperformers FootPrint

Dataperformers Footprint is an AI based SaaS aggregating data from different private and public sources to augment your data into a unified dashboard



When managing a large portfolio of clients, there are many essential details and insights that are missed due to a lack of time,

a lack of ressources and, most importantly, a lack of data.

Dataperformers FootPrint empowers users to take enlightened decisions

Dataperformers Footprint allows Account Managers, Business Developers and Analysts to Search, Assess and Predict any organization traction instantly

Company Traction


Potential of Growth Index

Insights from

Social Media

Insights from Customer Review

Insights from

Public News 

Similar Companies Listing based on behaviour

Unusual Activity Detection and Alerts

Private Data and External Data Integrator Tool

Big Data and Machine Learning Private Infrastructure

and more

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