Predictive Analytics

and NLP

Predict, recommend, segment customer behaviour, undertake comparative analysis and detect anomalies

We know that each organization has its own reality. As our team is composed of experts coming from different professional background, we understand your challenges beyond AI.

Your organization’s objectives are carefully communicated, and formulated into machine learning features with defined parameters. Dedicated modules tackle data preparation and transformation challenges, to ensure that your dataset is ready for intensive machine learning usage and processing. Plus, at Dataperformers, you own the AI solution that

is tailored for your organization. 

What makes it the best?


Machine Learning

Stellar is made using state-of-art machine learning and deep learning processes.



Its in-memory & highly distributed infrastructure can complete 1 day's worth of computation in 14 mins.


Private & Cloud

Your data stays in your control. Stellar AI  is compatible with your private cloud and servers.


No Black Box AI

Stellar AI models are designed to be understandable

Client testimonials

Clients powered by our AI model include Autodesk a world leader in 3D modeling in the field of Engineering, Architecture and Visual effects, district m, one of the fastest growing advertising technology companies in Canada as well as the #1 financial institution in Quebec.

Desjardins Group
The largest credit union in North America
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