About Dataperformers

A leader in AI

Dataperformers is an Applied AI company building advanced and cross-industry technologies and products.


Founded in 2013, Dataperformers is one of Canada’s top artificial intelligence companies. Our CEO, Mehdi Merai, PhD, was named the 2017-2018 AI Leader of the Year at Canada’s prestigious Fintech & AI Awards.


Dataperformers headquarter is based in Montreal, a leading global hub for artificial intelligence.

What makes us different

Beyond AI Expertise

Our team of experts comes from different backgrounds such as Financial Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Finances, Advertising, etc. allowing us to deeply understand your reality beyond the AI modeling. We demonstrated this strength with Autodesk, district m, and more.


AT/Lab is a multidisciplinary, AI focused, research laboratory

AT/Lab's objectives is to contribute to the growth and development of artificial intelligence as a whole as well as delivering AI to the End User.

Dataperformers Advanced Tech Lab is the research and development unit of our organization. We work on multiple artificial intelligence and related futuristic technologies that we incorporate into our services and products.


We are glad to contribute to the advancement of the field through publications and R&D collaborations.

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